Over thirty years of experience in the field of industrial powder coating.

The company, based in Poggio Torriana (RN), has two operational offices.

In the headquarters there are:

  • two different powder coating lines capable of treating a very wide range of substrates;
  • an assembly and pre-assembly activity of the painted material.

The second office is located a few kilometers away from the headquarters. It represents the reference point for the research and development of ‘Soft Rain’ application systems.

Metal Plast Sistemi has always preserved and supported dynamism and flexibility even in the face of the current evolution of the economic context with precarious connotations and greater competition, of uncertainty, in the painting sector specifically.

Hence, the constant experimentation with cutting-edge technologies, as a necessary strategy to reduce (not only contain) management costs and, at the same time, to increase (not just maintain) the final quality. Initially with the spray booths to then get to the use of automation, up to the introduction of nanotechnologies, from which the Soft Rain project was born.

The Soft Rain project, immediately patented, is the result of a decade of experimentation. Before being presented on the market, the Soft Rain technology was developed so that it could guarantee high application performance, high degree of reliability and constant performance.

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