The system interacts not only with the mixing and concentration process of the nanotechnological solution, but also with the application system of the treatment itself, which, in this way, is no longer sprayed in the traditional way but is nebulized with constant parameters calibrated according to the specifications of the products and substrates that must be pre-treated.

The nebulization process has another important advantage: all metal surfaces are treated with homogeneity and do not create waste or waste. With great benefit in terms of additional process costs.

The potential offered by Soft Rain, combined with the use of a nanotechnological product, are able to translate into levels of product optimization never before achieved.

The Soft Rain application system is composed as follows:

  • Command and mixing module, from which the entire system is commanded and controlled thanks to ‘ad hoc’ software, customized to the customer’s requests. From the ‘touch screen’ controls, it is possible to program the methods, timing and quantity of the nanotechnology solution to be delivered. The entire process is constantly monitored and, if there is an operating anomaly, the system goes into alarm and the fault is promptly signaled by a acustic noise.
  • Application module, which, thanks to a very fine nebulization, guarantees the correct and constant passivation of products of all shapes and sizes in a homogeneous way.
  • The equipment is also equipped with a self-cleaning system. The process lasts about two minutes and involves all the critical parts that come into contact with the nanotechnological liquid. Cleaning guarantees the efficiency of nebulization over time and reduces maintenance to a simple gesture: washing the filter.

Soft Rain means technology, reliability and high performance.

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