Soft Rain Advanced

Technologies available on Soft Rain Advanced:

Automated system inserted inside the pre-treatment tunnel as the final nebulization phase with pure osmotic solution and low electrical conductivity on all the items to be treated. Integrated with it, the device manages the levels of the tanks and of the counter-current allowing an excellent reduction of problems related to dragging into the tank.

The pre-treatment plant will be implemented with a system capable of guaranteeing a drastic reduction of the saline residue on the artifacts, certainly improving the mechanical adhesion, significantly increasing the performance in the salt mist chamber.

Insights into the technologies present as standard in the
Soft Rain Advanced:

It performs the accurate function of drastically reducing the saline residue through a hydraulic nebulization with pure osmotic solution – free of pollutants due to the process – directly on the items in transit at the end of the various rinses. Nebulization takes place inside the pre-treatment tunnel and is created with special hydraulic nozzles with suitably sized jets of different types and flow rates.

The osmotic solution is formed by pure osmotic water to which an alkalizing product is automatically added which is also an antioxidant and also temporarily avoids self-drying, it will be dosed in a few ppm per cubic meter and this ensures the reduction of any phenomena of flash rust on the artifacts.

This procedure mainly rewards the mechanical adhesion of the thermo-hardening film. Its operation is characterized by a particular hardware and software system that takes into account the water requirement.

Pre-treatment of the water, using mineral coals and with a mechanical pre-filtration, essential to use our reverse osmosis system considering mains water coming from the water supply.

Our pre-treatment is analyzed, studied and designed according to the type and mineral characteristics of the water to be used to power any Soft Rain system or device.

We are able to provide incoming water treatments with column filtration of different types. Special skids (stainless steel structures) are created for these devices, and the systems are also equipped with automatic control units for backwashing the minerals or resins used.

Reverse osmosis has been designed and built specifically for use on painting lines with high performance and high reliability.

The efficiency is 70%, it produces 1000 l / h of permeate (osmotic water) and produces a concentrate (waste) equal to 400 l / h. This ratio remains unchanged regardless of the external operating temperatures because an elaborate software combined with a specific hardware manage all the phases appropriately to obtain this result. The premixing of the antiscalant product the system is supplied with guarantees long life for the osmotic membranes because it is dosed at regular intervals at a very low concentration.

The system also includes a storage tank with an elaborate recirculation system that passes through a UV-C lamp device with the aim of constantly limiting bacterial loads.

Osmotic water produced will change into osmotic solution because the alkalizing solution is injected in it.

Soft Rain dosing stations can be used on all types of chemicals used in pre-treatment lines because they offer high chemical compatibility. The stations are completely automated and can be controlled with different methods, such as µS, pH, redox, etc.

They can be composed of one or more dosing pumps. They are equipped with the following components:

– specific electrochemical analyzers

– probes, specific electrodes for use

– dosing pumps with high chemical compatibility and with different types of flow rates in l / h, depending on the use

– suction lances for chemical product, injection valves

– transport system of the aqueous solution to be analyzed

– automatic cleaning system of the entire hydraulic circuit and therefore of the various sensors or electrodes


Depending on the type of equipment chosen, they can be installed inside the central unit (for systems) or they can be purchased as a single supply for specific use (devices).

This technology is provided in any system where the use of the monitoring of the parameters relating to the pre-treatment tunnel with the aim of maintaining the functionality unchanged over time.

This particular technology that equips our systems has a high importance because it ensures correct extrapolation of the data obtained from the probes and electrodes, keeping them constantly clean and thus avoiding the use of human resources for maintenance.


A software system combined with dedicated hardware make it possible to obtain the technology described above.

This technology has the purpose of breaking down and minimizing the effects caused by the entrainment of aqueous solutions deriving from the advancement of the metal products in the pre-treatment tunnel.


A hydraulic circuit for transferring the aqueous solutions present in the various tanks is created using special instrumentation and dedicated components, installed directly on the pre-treatment tunnel while the system hardware is part of the central unit.


The use of this technology becomes essential if the plant is equipped with a reverse osmosis system.

This system can be directly interfaced with our Soft Emergency device, if it is installed in a dedicated device.

Two photoelectric barriers positioned at the entrance to the pre-treatment tunnel interfaced to optimize nebulization and atomization. With an encoder installed on the chain drive unit, the incoming products will be checked.

They monitor the entry of metal products and sends signals to the central PLC which processes them by activating and deactivating the nebulization with osmotic solution and the atomization of the nanotechnological solution only when necessary.

Application that controls minute by minute all the main parameters relating to the painting line, i.e. the pre-treatment tunnel, the chain drive, the polymerization oven and the drying oven.

This technology allows you to set any process alarms on the HMI operator panel and offers the possibility of recording and archiving the monitored parameters. All the necessary sensors will be installed on board the system, which interfacing with the central PLC will allow to extrapolate the required data.

The whole painting line is graphically shown on the operator panel with all the parameters obtained from the system. In a simple and intuitive way it will be possible to have a snapshot of the process conditions.

Considering the dusty environments in which the equipment is installed, the central unit was conceived and designed to contain all the components inside and keep them intact.

The central unit was designed by dividing the system into different operating areas and each one groups together the components inherent to the technology applied in it.

Electric area:
Touchscreen, simple and intuitive operator panel, in colors of 10 “, 15.6” and 17 “.

Switch emergency mushroom pushbutton for immediate stop of all activities controlled by the system.

Electrical panel with PLC, low voltage power supply and all control and management interfaces.
Electrochemical Analyzers.

Hydraulic and pneumatic areas:
Hydraulic circuit equipped with: high pressure hydraulic pumps, manual and electrically motorized valves, different types of filters, pressure regulators, flow sensors, probes, etc …

Osmotic water storage tank.

The pneumatic system is equipped with a filtering unit for the machine inlet air and uses a series of solenoid valves to drive pneumatic actuators.

All device materials are compatible with the solutions, such as PVC, PP, PVDF, PTFE, 304 and 316 stainless steel

Each system that we can supply, in its standard configuration, provides the use of industrial PLCs interface connected to an operator panel that is able to support the ethernet connection.

The advantages of using remote control are many and guarantee the customer an online control service on all connected Soft Rain equipment. Access takes place using a dedicated platform where it is possible to configure different terminals or devices (smartphone, PC, tablet, etc.) and also offers the possibility of interacting, based on the type of login, with the equipment.

It is possible that the customer does not intend to replace his Demineralization or Reverse Osmosis plant. The high performance of Soft Rain Advanced will always remain unchanged and Soft Rain will interface all the functions to make the process as performing as possible.

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