Soft Monitor

This device allows you to constantly check the operating parameters and system consumption.

Continuous mode control of the process parameters to be analyzed, for example m3 / h for gas consumption on thermal points, operating temperatures of the polymerization oven and drying oven, catenary encoder speed, centrifugal pump pressures, pH aqueous solutions, CD aqueous solutions in the tank and temperature.

In addition to the instant supervision mode, it is possible to configure a data logger to check the trend of the various consumptions over time.

The device will be equipped with:
– electrochemical analyzer instruments for pH, conductivity, temperature and flow sensor for the gas
– electric box with devices to control the station

If the device is equipped with a touch screen operator panel, it will be possible to connect the remote assistance.

Application that controls minute by minute all the main parameters relating to the painting line, i.e. the pre-treatment tunnel, the chain drive, the polymerization oven and the drying oven.

This technology allows you to set any process alarms on the HMI operator panel and offers the possibility of recording and archiving the monitored parameters. All the necessary sensors will be installed on board the system, which interfacing with the central PLC will allow to extrapolate the required data.

The whole painting line is graphically shown on the operator panel with all the parameters obtained from the system. In a simple and intuitive way it will be possible to have a snapshot of the process conditions.

Each system that we can supply, in its standard configuration, provides the use of industrial PLCs interface connected to an operator panel that is able to support the ethernet connection.

The advantages of using remote control are many and guarantee the customer an online control service on all connected Soft Rain equipment. Access takes place using a dedicated platform where it is possible to configure different terminals or devices (smartphone, PC, tablet, etc.) and also offers the possibility of interacting, based on the type of login, with the equipment.

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