Soft Level

Device composed of a hydraulic circuit for the transfer of aqueous solutions through the counter-current system.

The device will be equipped with:
– aqueous solutions transport circuit over the entire pre-treatment tunnel
– floats to control the level of each individual tank
– actuators and valves to intercept aqueous solutions
– electric box in which all the instruments will be housed

If equipped with an operator panel, the device can be connected in remote assistance.

This technology has the purpose of breaking down and minimizing the effects caused by the entrainment of aqueous solutions deriving from the advancement of the metal products in the pre-treatment tunnel.


A hydraulic circuit for transferring the aqueous solutions present in the various tanks is created using special instrumentation and dedicated components, installed directly on the pre-treatment tunnel while the system hardware is part of the central unit.


The use of this technology becomes essential if the plant is equipped with a reverse osmosis system.

This system can be directly interfaced with our Soft Emergency device, if it is installed in a dedicated device.

Each system that we can supply, in its standard configuration, provides the use of industrial PLCs interface connected to an operator panel that is able to support the ethernet connection.

The advantages of using remote control are many and guarantee the customer an online control service on all connected Soft Rain equipment. Access takes place using a dedicated platform where it is possible to configure different terminals or devices (smartphone, PC, tablet, etc.) and also offers the possibility of interacting, based on the type of login, with the equipment.

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