Soft Oil

The oil separators are used for the separation of mineral oils, also in emulsion, present in the treatment water for washing ferrous products.

These plants exploit the coalescence system (union of two or more particles to form a larger one), simple to manage, low maintenance and thanks to their operating principle they are extremely reliable, built entirely in AISI 304 steel.

The supporting structure of the separator positioned above a skid is easily removable, the elements of the static separator are made up of corner profiles gathered in packs.

The particular shape of the container ensures that the liquid or mixture of liquids, entering the separator, is distributed over the entire displacement cross section. The decrease in the speed of the current connected to this passage causes a first separation of the largest drops before entering the series of profiles. The smallest drops of the discontinuous phase are captured by the flow of passage of angular profiles and conducted towards the drainage channel.

The variability of the construction of these profiles allows them to adapt to any process condition.

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