Water pretreatment and reverse osmosis

Pre-treatment of the water, using mineral coals and with a mechanical pre-filtration, essential to use our reverse osmosis system considering mains water coming from the water supply.

Our pre-treatment is analyzed, studied and designed according to the type and mineral characteristics of the water to be used to power any Soft Rain system or device.

We are able to provide incoming water treatments with column filtration of different types. Special skids (stainless steel structures) are created for these devices, and the systems are also equipped with automatic control units for backwashing the minerals or resins used.

Reverse osmosis has been designed and built specifically for use on painting lines with high performance and high reliability.

The efficiency is 70%, it produces 1000 l / h of permeate (osmotic water) and produces a concentrate (waste) equal to 400 l / h. This ratio remains unchanged regardless of the external operating temperatures because an elaborate software combined with a specific hardware manage all the phases appropriately to obtain this result. The premixing of the antiscalant product the system is supplied with guarantees long life for the osmotic membranes because it is dosed at regular intervals at a very low concentration.

The system also includes a storage tank with an elaborate recirculation system that passes through a UV-C lamp device with the aim of constantly limiting bacterial loads.

Osmotic water produced will change into osmotic solution because the alkalizing solution is injected in it.

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