Hydraulic nebulization with osmotic flash

It performs the accurate function of drastically reducing the saline residue through a hydraulic nebulization with pure osmotic solution – free of pollutants due to the process – directly on the items in transit at the end of the various rinses. Nebulization takes place inside the pre-treatment tunnel and is created with special hydraulic nozzles with suitably sized jets of different types and flow rates.

The osmotic solution is formed by pure osmotic water to which an alkalizing product is automatically added which is also an antioxidant and also temporarily avoids self-drying, it will be dosed in a few ppm per cubic meter and this ensures the reduction of any phenomena of flash rust on the artifacts.

This procedure mainly rewards the mechanical adhesion of the thermo-hardening film. Its operation is characterized by a particular hardware and software system that takes into account the water requirement.

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