Devices for the application of nanotechnologies

Depending on the type of tunnel, in order to correctly apply nanotechnologies, it is possible to take advantage of:
– complete application module
– forced air intake with external expulsion
– containment air blade

Metal Plast Sistemi is able to design and build custom-made stainless steel tunnel sections in order to allow the correct use of nanotechnological products. The tunnel is usually equipped with an adjustable suction by means of special throttling dampers and a forced air knife ventilation which have the purpose of confining the nanotechnological nebulization area and preventing the propagation inside the tunnel and outside.

Suction and ventilation are coordinated by the central unit if it is inserted in one of our systems.

The steel structure is self-supporting and can be made of AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel.

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