Atomization of the nanotechnology solution

The atomization of the nanotechnology solution has been developed and patented by Soft Rain. The characteristics of the nanotechnological solution and of the particular atomization nozzles can be suitably customized for each specific installation with the aim of guaranteeing the highest quality standards on metal surfaces treated.

Nanotechnological solution always compliant with the technical data sheet of the product used. The solution applied to metal products is not subject to pollutants, as it is prepared by means of a special dedicated system as if it were prepared in a laboratory. The artifacts will always be invested by the same nanotechnological solution. Very low consumption of the nanotechnological product. Absence of defects due to a non-compliant solution. The system does not produce wastewater to be treated, the excess nebulization is recovered and used in the pretreatment tunnel process. Atomization can be applied to all products that do not require a final rinse.


If the reading of the artefacts entering the pre-treatment tunnel is associated with this application, it will be possible to accurately control the nanotechnological solution feeding.


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